The Ultimate #WeAllGrow Summit Checklist


Summit is only a little under two weeks away – do you know what you need to make the most out of your weekend in Palm Desert? Here, we outline all the essentials to get you through next week during Summit, as well as important details for you to get to La Quinta. Read on below!

#WeAllGrow Summit Checklist

Phone & #WeAllGrow Summit App

First, the #WeAllGrow Summit App is the most essential thing (aside from your phone) you’ll need to navigate our Sanctuary of Joy. Here, you’ll find the entire agenda and schedule, a directory of all the speakers and their bios along with what sessions and panels you can find them speaking at, connect with other attendees that are joining you at Summit, and stay up to date with all the announcements that are happening in real-time! Pro tip: review the schedule ahead of time and plan out your day so you can make the most out of #WeAllGrow Summit, and make sure to turn your notifications on for real-time updates and instant news!

Power Bank

The days are packed with so many activities and talks that you won’t want to miss, so you want to make sure that your phone is charged the whole time so you don’t miss out on capturing any key moments at the conference! Not only that, but since all Summit information will be on the #WeAllGrow Summit app, you will definitely need your phone charged at all times so you don’t lose track of key talks and announcements!

Notepad + Pen or Laptop 

We have so many experts and brilliant mujeres that are eager to share their wisdom, knowledge, and experience with you at Summit! So make sure you bring a notebook and pen to write down these gems! What they’re sharing isn’t just to inspire you – they’re going to be giving you actionable tips to help you grow in business and in life, so be ready to take notes! 

Sun hat, sunnies, and SPF. 

La Quinta Resort & Club

Bring that sun protection! Word on the street is that we’ll be dealing with some hot temperatures, and with some of the AM activities being outdoors, you’ll want to dress light and bring sun protection. 


If you’re staying at one of the casitas or rooms at La Quinta, you’re going to have access to pools within the resort! So bring your favorite swimsuit and enjoy a dip in the water under the Palm Desert sun! 

Water bottle

Again, it’s going to be warm and we will be in the desert, so we want you hydrated! Make sure to have your own water bottle to carry with you. There will be water stations in different areas throughout the resort so you can refill when necessary.

Your Divas & Diosas fit

If you’re joining us for our Divas & Diosas opening party with Buick, make sure you come dressed for the occasion! If you’re still thinking about what you should wear, we have a Pinterest board just for you to give you some inspiration. 


If you’ve been to Storytellers, you know exactly why we included this.

If it’s your first time attending #WeAllGrow Summit and Storytellers, it is one of the most magical moments of the entire weekend, with stories that will make you laugh and definitely cry. All we can say is – preparense! 

Your OOO notification

You’re coming to the Sanctuary of Joy – not the sanctuary of answering emails. Remember to set your OOO before you make your way to La Quinta! However, don’t completely log off – make sure to stay tuned for daily emails from us to stay up to date with everything happening at Summit!

Getting to La Quinta

La Quinta Resort and Club is located at 49-499 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta in Greater Palm Springs. Not to be confused with any La Quinta Inn located in Palm Springs or Palm Desert. 

From LAX: Take CA-60 E to I-10 E. Take exit 137 for Washington St.. Continue on Washington St to La Quinta Resort & Club.

From SBD or ONT: Take I-10 E to take 137 for Washington St.. Continue on Washington St to La Quinta Resort & Club.

From PSP: Follow Kirk Douglas Way to Ramon Rd., and take I-10E. Take 137 for Washington St.. Continue on Washington St to La Quinta Resort & Club.

La Quinta Resort will be offering complimentary self and valet parking as part of your room resort fee! If parking is available, self-parking is free for everyone.

Checking In & Registration

Registration will begin on Thursday before the Divas & Diosas opening party. Be sure to have your ID with the name registered on Eventbrite so you can be checked in for all of the week’s experiences. If you have any questions regarding your room reservation at La Quinta, please contact the resort here.

Agenda & Schedule

The app will give you a full and thorough breakdown of the whole agenda for the day, but below is an overview of what you can expect day by day. Take a look and determine how you want to plan out your days!

Thursday, Sept. 29

Friday, Sept. 30

  • Sunrise Heal Sessions
  • Nutritious Breakfast
  • Latina Makers Market + Pop Up Experiences
  • Deep Dive Workshops + Heal Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Main Stage Sessions
  • Break
  • Main Stage Sessions Continue
  • Sunset Happy Hour

Saturday, Oct. 1

  • Sunrise Ecstatic Dance 
  • Nutritious Breakfast
  • Latina Makers Market + Pop Up Experiences
  • Deep Dive Workshops + Heal Sessions
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Main Stage Sessions
  • Break
  • Main Stage Sessions Continue
  • Storytellers

If you have any questions about Summit, please head to our FAQ’s, download the app, and make sure to join the #WeAllGrow Summit attendees AMIGAS circle here, to share with others attending, get questions answered, and start building meaningful connections.

Nos vemos pronto, amiga!